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We are a family-run business, that believes in providing high-quality products

We assist customers to address their needs through functionality and
comfort. We do hope you love minimalism in design as much as we do.

Meet Luiza – the eldest daughter, a student at the Latvian Academy of Arts,
a designer, and creator of the Heatable Toys, Agnese – the mother and the
driving force of the brand and, of course, the little tester – little sister
Anna, with whom it all started...

Already our grandmothers knew that warmed-up buckwheat bags relieve tummy
pain, calm the baby and help him / her fall asleep. But our story started with
little Anna, who was given a heated toy with a bag of millet inside against
colic pain. Unfortunately, the material for the toy was synthetic and after a
while, the millet started to cause allergies. So, a toy from natural materials
and with cherry pits was made – and it helped Anna perfectly! The toy was used
every night, creating a kind of bedtime ritual for Anna – warming up the toy,
reading an evening fairy tale, a kiss from Mom or Dad – and the Sandman
arrived. No more tears or scandals every night. Also, no longer the mother
had to sleep next to Annas’ bed on a mat for half of the nights (yes, yes – it
has been, too, and someone recognizes this situation). The toy was also very
useful when it was time for Anna to move to her bed. The magic lies in the fact
that the toy has its special mother’s scent, and when combined with warmth, it
creates a sense of security.

When Luiza had to defend her diploma thesis at the Riga School of Design and
Art, she was inspired by her little sister and created Heatable Toys. She chose
to make them in black and white, the first colors that a baby sees, moreover,
too bright colors have the opposite effect and make the baby more worried than
soothing. As the idea grew, more and more moms appreciated both Bed warmers-
cuddle toys and Anti-colic heating pads designed to relieve tummy pain, so the
brand ULECE was created, named after Luiza's first doll, which was handmade by

Since then, a lot has been tested and adjusted, such as the size and design
of Heatable Toys but we have remained true to our values ​​and honesty to tiny
users – the fabric is 100% cotton, and the Toys contain natural grape or cherry
pits and we use recycled polyester fiber for stuffing, which is hypoallergenic.
We think about the impact we have on the environment, so we try to choose
materials that help preserve our nature.

Every big or small brand is made up of people and the motivation that drives
them forward. In our case, it was a desire to help other mothers by sharing
their experiences, such as using natural resources, such as heat, to help the
baby both when the tummy hurts and when they need a friend to help them fall