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Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
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Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD
Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD

Anti-colic heating pad LITTLE CLOUD

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Anti-colic heating pad  LITTLE CLOUD is a handmade organic hot/cold pack with grape seed filling to soothe colicky babies (from 0 to 8 months).

Just a little heat provides a sense of comfort and helps soothe an aching tummy.

The heat generates a rush of blood in the desired location that results in a reduction of muscle spasms in a baby's tummy. It helps to soothe the baby in a safe and natural way and makes them sleep better through the night.

Little Cloud could be heated in a microwave*, in an oven*, or on a radiator (instruction included in a package). Alternative - wrap in a cotton dish towel and place in a dry, clean cooking pot or crockpot. Heat on a cooktop in a low setting. The heat lasts for about 30 minutes.

*Microwaves and ovens may vary in their power output and age, therefore the heating time may differ slightly from the time indicated in the instruction. The heating time specified in the instruction has been tested based on the capacity of the brand-new equipment.

Created with Love:

  • The toy is handmade in limited quantities from locally designed black&white 100% cotton fabric which has OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification. The GOTS 6.0 certified inks that have been used for fabric printing are water-based. No harmful chemicals are used in the printing process. The safety of inks complies with strict European requirements for environmental compatibility and is safe for children.
  • The toy is unisex and suitable for both genders – boys and girls.
  • The heating pad contains only natural grape seeds, with no fragrance added. It is environmentally friendly and lasts for many years.
  • Hand wash only (~30°C). Each time you heat the heating pad in a microwave or in an oven, it sterilizes the fabric. There is no need to regularly wash the heating pad.
  • Good to know – in case of fever or trauma you can put the grape seed pad in a freezer and you have a convenient, comfortable cold pack.
  • It is a great way to warm up a crib. An alternative to hot water bottles.

Toy parameters:
- weight : ~ 140 grams/5 ounces
- height: 11 centimeters/4,3 inch
- width: 18 centimeters/7 inch

This product includes – a heating pad (Little Cloud) filled with grape seeds and instructions for use ENG/LV.

If it’s a present you can add gift wrapping for an additional fee and we will wrap item/-s in a beautiful black and white ULECE cardboard box.

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Customer Reviews

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Šķiet, ka vismaz nedaudz palīdz. Paldies!

Elīza Māra Kamradze-Tūtere
Must have!

Vienīgais, kas mazo var nomierināt un iemidzināt nakts vidū, kad gāzītes traucē. Man ļoti patīk cik ātri uzsilst mikrenē, tāpēc nakts raudieniem super liels palīgs 🤍

Amanda Freiberga



Does not get warm in the oven with 5 mins /100 degrees. Takes more time.

Sigita Rāviča